martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Weekly Challenges #twinmooc U1. eTwninng in 140.

In my "eTwinning in 140" tweet I said that for me "eTwinning means collaboration, share, enjoy and grow up".
One of the best thing of eTwinning is that you can work and learn helping and being helped. "Collaboration" is one of the most important habilities nowadays in our schooles and eTwinning gives us a big oportunity to improve that skill because we cannot understand working on the distance without collaboration.

On the other hand is the idea of "sharing". I cannot understand my current job in a school as a teacher without the thought of sharing ideas, projects or activities. As a Physical Education teacher I learn thanks to the projects, games or activities that some times I find on the web and this is because a lot of teachers have created a huge net of cooperative working. The principal aim or idea behind this net of "coworking" is that one teacher can improve his o her job and retalionship inside the school thanks to the ideas of many other teacher that share everyday their experiences and job. That is, I can learn thanks to many mates who have lived my same (or similar) situations or maybe because they found a solution to any problem I am having in a current moment, and they decided to share their views or solutions. And very important, we can be also better teachers thanks to that pupils also share their doubts, views or personal learning and experiences so pupils are a very important part of the global sharing system.

"Enjoying" I think is the most important aim we should try to achieve when we are learning. If a pupil is not enjoying, learning is impossible. And I think that eTwinning projects can pupils make enjoy due to the many skills and habilities they need practice and use. Speaking with people from another countries, use computers or another ICT gadgets, investigate, etc., make the learnig funniest than learn with books. But not only pupils should enjoy but also teachers. Teachers and pupils enjoying together improve the motivation.

And finally the concept of "grow up" which makes us better professionals and persons. eTwinning can offer us a lot of different points of view. It can make us learn about different cultures and ways of life. It allows to understand why people from another countries think and live different than we do or why children from another countries play different games to ours. Understand (or try to do it) all these differences make us grow up and its name is "EMPATHY".

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