martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Weekly Challenges #twinmooc U2. Projects to improve my teaching.

I am a Physical Education teacher and the biggest problem I find in my daily work with children is the health problems related to overweight they have.

I think that fight against overweight is a strong problem in our school especially when we have a more and more sedentary style of life and our pupils and their famil ies don´t have enough solutions to win that struggle. Overweight is becoming in a new ulcer inside our schools and as teachers we have a big responsability to make our pupils can feel better about their healt. And this responsability has to be shared by all our community and society in order to struggle against it, and not only in the Physical Education classes but also in the other areas or subjects and of course also at home.

In this way, seeking on the web, I have found two interesting projects in which pupils, teachers, families and other social partners work together against the overweight trying to recover and get better their pupils´ health and healthy habits and their way of life.


Healthy Booky


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